Request for access and download the VirtualSpaces app on Oculus Store

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Why do you need a key? / Why is the app not available for download from the Oculus* Store directly?

VirtualSpaces has been granted access to the Oculus* Store only with Application access keys, so you won't be able to find the VirtualSpaces app by searching for VirtualSpaces in the Oculus* Store. By requesting access in the above form, we will provide you with the key or give you beta access.


  • Mobile Phone: Samsung S6 / Samsung S6 Edge / Samsung S7 / Samsung S7 Edge/ Samsung S8/ Samsung S8+ *
  • Head Mounted Device: Samsung Gear VR / Samsung Gear VR 2 / Samsung Gear VR 3*/ Oculus GO Standalone VR*
  • Internet Connectivity on the mobile device


Virtual Reality is recommended only for people above the age of 13.
It is also recommended that you do not use the Virtual Reality Head Mounted Device for more than 40 minutes continuously.
For some people, VR may result in mild headache. For further reading on Health & Safety Warning guidelines, please follow this link
VirtualSpaces will not be responsible for any incident arising because of age or time constraints.